Light A Path for Recovery

Light a Path is committed to serving those in recovery through holistic, integrated, caring, and supportive services. 

Often the word “recovery” is associated with the belief that individuals have made poor past choices and are now engaging in a lifestyle that does not include the use of drugs and/ or alcohol; thereby in “recovery”.  While this is correct, the current research and literature associated with recovery also shows that these individuals are extremely resilient and are most likely reaching to reclaim wellness, improve self-empowerment, and triumph from a number of conditions. These conditions may include, but are not limited to:

• Improving brain function while in sustained remission of habitual drug and/ or alcohol abuse. 

• Addressing eating disorders. 

• Dealing with emergence from a domestic violence situation. 

• Reclaiming access to basic needs.

• Managing post-financial hardships.

• Healing from traumatic events that were harmful or life threatening.

As we learn more about the challenges related to recovery, we understand that is it a process that is highly complex. Recovery is a widely descriptive verb that may apply to us all and none of us are excluded from the challenges life places in our paths. Light a Path honors those who have are seeking to ‘re-member’ personal wholeness and offer support where needed along these paths of the brave and resilient.