Light a Path for The Unhoused

The homeless population is growing all across this country and the city of Asheville is no exception to this trend with numbers on the increase in Western North Carolina. People in our community who are without jobs, support from family or friends, those suffering from mental or physical illnesses, and without resources for treatment; all make up the expanding numbers of unhoused, and largely unseen members of our community. 

Through the addition of weekly yoga classes and cranio-sacral therapy at The Haywood St Congregation, a faith-based facility offering multiple services to the unhoused population, Light A Path provides one more avenue to feel included, seen and to become a member of an even larger community, by joining together in the practice of yoga. The classes provide a respite from the rigors of existing on the street, and an opportunity to gain skills related to finding an inner balance, coping with uncertainty, and experience the comfort and consistency of belonging to something larger than themselves.

As with other populations served by Light A Path, the unhoused are frequently victims of multiple traumatic events, both past and current. The benefits derived by all persons suffering from trauma that may be gained by participating in a regular yoga practice, are widely supported by scientific literature.