Light a Path for Youth at Risk

Light A Path for Youth works to bring the benefits of yoga and meditation to at risk youth who may not have access to these documented tools for well-being.

While studies that evaluate the benefits of yoga for youth at risk are limited, there is consistent evidence that youth participation in yoga programs show benefits in mental health and behavioral issues. Additionally, studies consistently show that the development of self-regulation abilities is a key gain for youth at risk. Improved self-perception and self-regulating skills may also reduce the risks of developing symptoms of depression and anxiety. With an ongoing accrual of well-being, youth are empowered and supported to participate in respectful ways of being with family, friends, their communities and the world.

Assisting our youth to access these values within themselves, and in promoting these values to others is critical as they face the challenges of their, and the world’s future.

By working in partnership with our school systems to create and offer opportunities for our youth, especially our youth at risk, to be supported in discovering skills to feel well, competent, in charge and hopeful about their lives, we invest in a future that is more promising for all of us.

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